When will I receive copies of my adoption paperwork?

It will typically take ten (10) to (14) business days for us to provide you with complete copies of your paperwork (to include a copy of your executed Adoption Agreement, the Formal Vetting Schedule and medical/immunization records).  This timeframe is outlined specifically in the Special Provisions of your executed Adoption Agreement and we do ask that you please refrain from calling or emailing about the status of these items unless we have surpassed the fourteen (14) day threshold in providing these items to you.  

What if my dog has an upset stomach (loose stool or vomiting) after I bring him/her home?

Dogs, like people, can find new situations stressful and sometimes that stress can manifest itself in the form of an upset stomach.  Symptoms can also be caused by a change in food/dietary consumption.  If your Pet is exhibiting an upset stomach, please add 1 part of cooked white rice (not instant rice) to 2 parts of your Pet’s chosen kibble and/or wet food if he/she is showing signs of an upset stomach.  If the condition does not improve within forty-eight (48) hours, please notify us immediately at:  info@2babrescue.com.

If your pet is unwilling to drink or unable to keep water down for more than any twenty-four (24) hour period or there is ever blood present in the stool, please contact us immediately at the email address listed above.

What if I notice worms in my dog’s stool after I bring him/her home?

Every precaution has been taken to protect your Pet from fleas, ticks and worms (most common in puppies).  However, severe weather in several parts of the country has resulted in an explosion of bugs.  Treatments may not be wholly effective as fleas/worms can lay eggs that may not have necessarily hatched and can continue to do so over the course of several weeks.  Most over-the-counter treatments (including 3-day powdered wormer treatments you can mix in with food) are sold at most pet supply stores (Petco. Petsmart, Murdoch’s, etc.) and are generally very effective.  These treatments can (generally) be repeated in 2-week intervals (but please refer to the instructions of any application as it can vary by manufacturer).  If, following (2) treatments your Pet still appears to exhibit unwanted sidekicks, please contact us immediately and we will happily make any appointments with our veterinary office to issue any prescription treatment(s) as needed.

How do I register my Pet’s microchip?

Enrollment in pet recovery services provided by 2 BLONDES ALL BREED RESCUE is included as part of your adoption fee and is completed by the time you receive copies of your adoption paperwork.  2 BLONDES ALL BREED RESCUE will remain as the primary contact on the microchip and Adopter will be enrolled as the secondary contact.  IT IS THE ADOPTER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP 2 BLONDES ALL BREED RESCUE INFORMED OF ANY CHANGES TO ADOPTER’S ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL CHANGE SO THAT 2 BLONDES ALL BREED RESCUE MAY KEEP THE MICROCHIP INFORMATION FOR THE ADOPTER CURRENT FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE ANIMAL.  Please bear in mind that if you seek to change the microchip registration without the written permission of 2BABR, it is an event of default under your Adoption Agreement.

What if I want to take the Pet to my own veterinarian?

Your executed adoption contract REQUIRES that all initial vetting (series of at least 3 DA2PP immunizations for puppies, Rabies vaccination, Bordetella, sterilization or heartworm treatment procedures) be completed at the 2BABR approved veterinary office.  However, this does not preclude you from taking your new Pet to any veterinary office of your choice for a wellness exam, addressing any areas of interest of concern and/or resuming your normal relationship with your veterinary office of choice following the fulfillment of any requirements as specifically outlined in your Adoption Agreement.

What if I have concerns over my Pet’s behavior or want to enroll my Pet in training classes?

Puppies are NOT FULLY PROTECTED UNTIL ROUGHLY 48 HOURS FOLLOWING THE THIRD DA2PP IMMUNIZATION.  Therefore, (1) it is imperative that you adhere to the vetting schedule presented in your adoption contract and (2) we do not recommend that any puppy be unnecessarily exposed to public places (i.e. Petsmart, puppy classes or dog parks) until roughly three (3) days after the third and final DA2PP/DHLPP shot has been administered. Puppies should be carried at all public areas (veterinary offices included as feet should not touch the floor in the exam room or waiting room where germs are generally abundant).

Early intervention with any potential behavioral issue is key in the success of any Pet.  There are many reputable trainers and training programs in the Denver metro area.  We suggest that you thoroughly interview and seek review information for any trainer or program before engagement.  And, although you are in no way required to utilize any particular trainer or program, 2BABR recommends the services of Rod Butts of Canine Unlimited Dog Training.  Rod has generously offered to provide discounted rates for 2BABR Adoptive Families; he facilitates both group and private classes and can be contacted at: (303) 503-7712 or rod@canineunlimited.net.

When can I expect to receive the return of my Sterilization Deposit?

If your Adoption Agreement required the collection of a sterilization deposit, you can reasonably expect the return of said funds roughly 45-60 days following the procedure.  We are generally provided certificates from each of our veterinary offices on a weekly basis; it takes us several days to compile the information for each file and conduct an audit/closure thereof.  At that time, you will also be provided with an electronic copy of the entirety of the medical file for your Pet that you are welcome to share with your preferred veterinary office.  Again, we ask that you please refrain from calling or emailing about the status of these items unless we have surpassed the forty-five (45) day threshold in providing these items to you.