Here are a few trainer's that we've had the pleasure of working with!  Please contact them directly if you are interested in learning more.


  • Canine Unlimited Dog Training

Rod Butts:

Dog Training offers training programs designed to help all dog owners. From our most popular Good Dog in home training program to our Group Dog Training Program, we have a program for every dog.

  • Finn Family Dog Training

Laura Errington:

Adventures of Finn Dog Training, created by Laura Errington and located in beautiful Denver, Colorado, focuses on bringing lasting peace to families and creating the opportunity include your dog in more of life's adventures. This is done by building trust, communicating in a way that both human and dog understand and using commands as an avenue towards a better state of mind for our dogs.  With the right tools, information and a little consistency, it is totally possible to have a dog that fits in with your lifestyle.  We will be your coach and set you up for success in creating a trusting relationship between you and your dog.  


Pet Photography

Want to schedule a photo session with our amazing photographer?  Contact her for more information!  Or check her out on Facebook here:


Pet Insurance

Check out this comprehensive guide to the best pet insurance options!