We are currently seeking qualified foster families to care for our adoptable dogs. 2BABR fosters are sponsored and we try our hardest so our fosters have no out of pocket costs. This includes all medical care, prescriptions, food, toys, and materials that the foster dogs may need.

Our foster program is constructed of a large group of Colorado families that have opened their homes to our rescue dogs. By temporarily housing a rescue dog in a functional home we can erase the stresses that boarding facilities can induce. The integration of a rescue pup into an established pack promotes socialization and develops self confidence. In addition, the rescue pup receives individualized attention and love from their foster family.

Foster families are an integral component of the welfare of our rescue dogs. They are able to provide inside information and observations about their foster pups. The detailed knowledge that is provided to potential adopters contributes to the overall success of the adoption ensuring that it’s a good fit for everyone involved. We encourage our foster parents to ask adopters questions that are not listed in the agreement/application that may come about in conversation.

Also, we recommend that adopters share past dog experiences with the foster parents and facilitator. By sharing information we are able to determine which rescue dog would fit better with your individual lifestyle.